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Bike Packing und Taschenserien von Messingschlager

Discover your own region actively

Annual vacation plays an important role for many people, not only during the corona pandemic. In times of travel restrictions and uncertainty about the risk of a trip abroad, safe regions and gentle sustainable tourism are rediscovered as holiday alternatives. This is precisely the opportunity to enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the Bamberg region on a bicycle and to do something for your health. Not only the German Cycling Federation ADFC is expecting significantly more cyclists in Germany and Austria than before due to the corona-related travel restrictions. Below you will find tour suggestions for our home region, the World Heritage City of Bamberg.

There you can look forward not only to beautiful landscapes and unique architecture, but also to warm hospitality. Along the tours in the Bamberg region you can discover the rich heritage of the city and region in many places. Over 2,400 individual monuments from the Franconian Baroque, the hilly vineyards and many small private breweries in the beer tradition of Upper Franconia on the rivers of the Main, Regnitz and Itz invite visitors to linger. We have attached a small insight into the cycling landscape of Upper Franconia with selected tours of various length in different levels of difficulty. We look forward to welcoming you to our home region.

Day tour 1

Bamberg - Viereth - Hallstadt - Bamberg

This easy and relatively short bike tour, starting at Bamberg's main train station, winds along mostly paved paths through the Bamberg region. The flat terrain is not particularly difficult. The tour is suitable for every cyclist and can be extended as desired.

01:13 h
23,6 km
80 m
80 m

Day tour 2

Breitengüßbach - Bamberg - Viereth - Breitengüßbach

The tour begins in the conveniently situated Breitengüßbach - not far from our company location, where you can enjoy a coffee in our concept store beforehand, and leads to Bamberg's historic old town.

01:48 h
33,1 km
62 m
62 m

Day tour 3

Bamberg - Seehof Castle - Strullendorf - Bamberg

Starting in downtown Bamberg, the tour leads to the well-known burial mounds and past several breweries, where regional food is served. The highlight of the tour is undoubtedly the former summer residence and hunting lodge of the Bamberg prince bishops.

01:54 h
33,5 km
184 m
184 m

Day tour 4

Bamberg - Ebern - Hofheim i. UFr. - Haßfurt - Bamberg

This slightly longer and more demanding day tour starts in Bamberg and leads past our company headquarters to the Lower Franconian-Thuringian border area. The tour winds through the western Hassberge back to the Main at Haßfurt and leads upstream back to the starting point in Bamberg.

05:55 h
110 km
302 m
302 m

Day tour 5

Baunach – Mürsbach – Bad Staffelstein

This a bit demanding tour requires a certain level of fitness, but offers the most beautiful views of the Franconian mainland. Paired with the start and finish in our bike cafe, the tour is perfect for a sunny Saturday.

04:30 h
63 km
121 m
121 m

Day tour 6

Bamberg – Bad Königshofen

Starting in the world cultural heritage city of Bamberg, this tour leads across the Haßberge and past Baunach, where a detour to our bike cafe is definitely worthwhile. When you arrive in Bad Königshofen, the health and adventure pool FrankenTherme welcomes you.

04:00 h
67 km
150 m
234 m

Quick and easy - the equipment for the short lap

Regardless of whether you are training briefly and crisply or cycling to a beer garden for a "Seidla" mug of beer - it is annoying to have a breakdown and not be able to continue on your own. So what should you always have with you? After a short check before the start (brakes, tire pressure, ...) mini tool with wrenches that match the bike, tire levers, spare tube (or patch kit) amd a mini pump should never be missing in the emergency luggage. All the better if you know beforehand how the wheels of your own bike are removed and installed. This can be difficult, especially with hub gears or e-bikes. And a practical tip in corona times: a multifunctional bandana is an extremely versatile companion and can also be used as a mouth / nose face protection. Anyway, it should be clear that a helmet and gloves always make sense!

If it takes longer, place slightly higher demands on the equipment. In addition to the tool for short tours, it can make sense, depending on the season and the time, to pack plug-in lighting with approval according to the StVZO. The tool can also be a little more extensive. For example, a small chain rivet tool (separately or integrated in the mini tool) and a replacement connection link in a suitable version would make sense if chain problems should arise. Flat tires are also more likely, so you should take puncture protection into account. A puncture protection insert such as the Tannus Armour is ideal here. If smaller children are riding with you Trail-Gator tandem pole would be worth considering. The child can easily be attached to the adult bike when they are too tired to cycle. If you keep an eye on the weather with suitable equipment, nothing should stand in the way of having fun on the longer lap.


Brewery and beer cellar tour

Bamberg combines enjoyable cycling with the special variety of beer and beer tradition in Upper Franconia. With around 70 small private breweries in particular, the Bamberg region is the region with the highest density of private breweries worldwide. To be able to enjoy the variety, we recommend splitting the route over several days.

11:18 h
181 km
2084 m
2083 m



Upper Franconian valleys and heights: the Main-Coburg tour leads through the historic old town of Bamberg - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - as well as the market square in Rattelsdorf, the half-timbered ensemble in Mürsbach, as well as Seßlach with its medieval town center, to Coburg with the “Veste” castle and old town.

11:21 h
201 km
1158 m
1157 m

Bike travelling for several days

Experience the sights of Upper Franconia on a two to three day tour and enjoy the culture with local beer (and wine) – this is a special pleasure that can only be experienced in the Bamberg beer region. In addition to the equipment for the day tours, this also includes practical and safe luggage transport. There are basically two options. Eather with a luggage rack and bag on the bike or separately on a trailer. In any case, waterproof bags and containers are highly recommended. A backpack, preferably with a hydration bladder, always makes sense.

There should also be sufficient bottle cages on the bike itself. Ergonomics on the bike are extremely important on such long tours in order to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort. For example, a saddle with a perfectly adjusted width, as is possible with the Velofit system, can prevent seat problems. Ergonomically shaped handles can prevent painful wrists.

MTB Tour 1

Route Matzenstein

Up to 33 kilometers and over 450 vertical meters. The Matzenstein route begins in Heiligenstadt and winds through the parish forest past Dürrbrunn to Volkmannsreuth and on to the 476-meter-high “Matzenstein” hill. The tour then continues via Siegritz, Draisendorf and Neudorf and leads back to Heiligenstadt.

01:56 h
26,8 km
466 m
467 m

MTB Tour 2

Route Geisberg

The Geisberg route leads from Heiligenstadt to Geisfeld and back. The route allows you to shorten the route at your own discretion. During the entire loop, you master numerous vertical meters over 40 kilometers.

03:00 h
40,9 km
758 m
758 m

MTB Tour 3

Route Altenberg

The Altenberg route is similarly challenging with almost 1,000 meters of altitude over 40 kilometers. The route leads south from Heiligenstadt via Burggrub, Oberngrub, Kälberberg, Hochstall and Frankendorf to Buttenheim and from there back to Heiligenstadt. It is also possible to shorten this route at various points.

02:35 h
37,7 km
654 m
654 m

Sportive riding and with light luggage - bike packing!

Regardless of whether MTB or gravel bike, long tours with the lightest possible luggage are the trend. With the Gravel Bike in particular, there are hardly any limits to a varied route planning from roads, paths and trails. That's why we have Bikepacking bags in our assortment that combine minimal weight with the greatest possible storage space and water resistance.

Used individually, they can also be used for shorter tours. It is no problem to accommodate your picnic on the go and enjoy nature.

Gravel Tour 1

Main Valley-Gravel

Past the Haßfurt airport, this route leads directly into the nature reserve "Mainaue bei Haßfurt" and along the Hochrein lake past Knetzgau. Picturesque insights into the untouched nature of the Main Valley are offered along a wide variety of paths.

01:30 h
116 m
116 m

Gravel Tour 2


Along mineral healing springs and historical architecture, this route leads through Bad Königshofen past the Water castle Irmelshausen to Breitensee, where you can marvel at the remains of the former inner-German borders. From there it goes along the Green Belt to Sambachshof and on the ridge of the Haßberge.

04:00 h
62,2 km
215 m
215 m

Gravel Tour 3


The route leads along picturesque brook and river valleys over the defining landmarks of the Haßberge: the imposing castle complex Burgpreppach, the Bettenburg and the historic Schwedenschanze with a lookout tower that offers an overview of the route up to the Rhön.

03:30 h
51,2 km
202 m
202 m