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6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11 & 12-speed bike chains

Chains transmit the force that is put on the pedals by the driver to the rear wheel. This ongoing load on the chain is the main reason of their wear. Weather-related factors such as rain and snow as well as dirt, dust or salt spill in winter, enforce this as well. Bicycle chains made out of the high quality materials, improved by the latest technology and a sophisticated design effectively counteract the wear. If there is a change, the new chain must be compatible with the gear and shifting system. Whether chain shifting with six to eleven speed cassettes, for hub gears or singlespeed, we offer you the suitable bike chain for each drive. Thanks to high precision manufacturing processes, smooth gear changes and fluent, quiet operation is guaranteed. Especially for all-weather cyclists, a highly effective rust protection has been developed, which extends the life of the bicycle chain.

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