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More than 2000 customers
over 60 countries

The Bike Experience

We have been importing products from Far East for over 60 years which we partially developed with our partners there. Today we are able to solve all difficulties with our extensive experience. We compensate cultural differences and deviating values with a high level of understanding and efficiency.

The import of bike accessories is our daily business, which we perfectly master. And more: meanwhile a friendship connects us to the producers, which leads to the possibility to implement product-specific desires on short-term and with the highest quality.

Every day, people in more than 60 countries worldwide count on this expertise.
How may we help you?

Low investment

In the Far East orders are usually associated with large order quantities to achieve attractive prices. In total, this is a huge financial commitment for your business. We take over these financial commitments for you.

Start saving space

We have the storage space which you can save in your own stock. In Europe‘s largest stock of bike P&A you can simply order the products as required. Thanks to our modern logistic we can react quickly and flexibly to your needs – without any risk for you.

Rapid availability

Speed is in the world of B2B and B2C your trump card – we only work with experienced and reputable carriers. Thanks to our partly automated logistic centre we do have very short delivery times.

All from a single source

Sourcing from competitive and high-quality producers worldwide is an extensive and timeconsuming task. With us you can easily order the most attractive products from a provider in your area at a great price from the catalogue.

High Flexibility

You are looking for items with your own company logos, claims, designs or colours? You wish unique variations of our articles? Please contact us, we will find a solution.


The service about your order is a matter of the heart to us. We will respond to your very individual needs and wishes quickly and build up a long-term connection to you. Don't be a number but be a human being - we will take care of you!

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