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cnSpoke spokes & nipples

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spokes & nipples since 1970

cnSpoke is one of the worldwide leading spokes manufacturers and has been producing spokes according to certified industry standards since 1970. As specialist for spokes and nipples cnSpoke offers many innovative products concerning wheel building. Latest technologies and proven solutions like shaped threads are being used. No matter if 2 mm standard stainless steel spokes or butted aero spokes – cnSpoke has always the right spoke for any purpose.

Unusual products like the TI-DUO AERO, the lightest spoke of the world, are no problem for the renowned and experienced manufacturer. Of course, cnSpoke also offers all kinds of nipples in various colours and lengths as well as professional tools. Messingschlager as distributor always store approx. 30 million spokes in their central warehouse in Baunach. Thanks to the modern logistics all idifferent lengths and variations are available at short notice.

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All cnSpoke Products
All cnSpoke Products
cnSpoke - Shaped not cut

Shaped not cut

High quality wheelset building requires precision and quality in detail. Often trivialities decide about the performance of the final product. No high quality wheelset can afford broken spokes. This is why cnSpoke production relies on shaped instead of cut threads. The stability of the spoke threads is significantly increased. The result are extremely rigid and strong wheelsets with maximum performance and extremely durable spokes.