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Hardly any other product has introduced as much dynamism to the bicycle market as the e-bike has. Once again, the e-bike is the driver of the bicycle industry’s growth and innovation. The expectations of the previous season were thus again exceeded. In Germany alone, 720,000 units sold in 2017 increased the estimated volume by 19 %. According to CONEBI, the Confederation of the European Bicycle Industry, a total of 1,667,000 e-bikes were sold in 2016. Medium-term expectations are set between 23 % and 25 %; however, in the long run e-bikes could make up a share of up to 35 % of the complete bicycle market.

Join the profitable and booming game of the e-bike market – do not wait any longer but start now and with us!

Premium e-bike solutions at Messingschlager is a holistic concept with numerous possible variations and combinations – a concept of components that are perfectly in tune with one another. This system combines two frame & battery concepts with four frame designs each.

E-bikes with an inspiring design and a new understanding of the term ‘premium’ – clearly defined through its true holistic nature – that stand out from the market. At Messingschlager, we believe that only an integrated all-in approach can keep the promise of delivering premium goods. Such an approach is clearly reflected in our strategic premium e-bike solutions strategy.

Do you want to be part of the successful e-bike market? The speed at which you enter the market is a central key for success. However, developing competitive products involves great effort, many snares and obstacles, let alone high costs. Hence, our approach guarantees maximum efficiency with the lowest possible effort. Our concept provides a very fast and straightforward market entry – “the time to market” is a short six months.

Our approach guarantees highest standards when it comes to testing, homologation, compliance with statutory requirements, electromagnetic compatibility and standards such as DIN and EN as well as machinery directives. OEMs can create their own first-class e-bike portfolio requiring very little effort and at the same time supply their customers – and themselves – with safety and fun.

Your Team Messingschlager

Messingschlager E-Bike Intro

Brose Logo

Brose Drive

Drive T

The Drive for Trekking

The Drive T is a real “long-distance runner”. Be it extensive tours or a short cruise through town – the Drive T is the perfect all-rounder. This highly efficient drive is ideal for daily e-bike needs and long ranges.

Drive S Alu

The Sporty One

The Drive S Alu is the “athlete” of the family. With higher cadences, our highperformance drive features 15 % more torque than the Drive T and an even more sensitive response behavior. This makes the Drive S Alu particularly suitable for sporty tours and for e-mountain bikers who ride on demanding trails.

Drive C

The city champion

The Drive C represents the modern urban lifestyle. Whether you are commuting to work or simply cruising through town, the Drive C delivers a harmonic riding experience. lt is the perfect everyday companion for the urban jungle.

Drive TF

The Version for S-Pedelecs

The Drive TF was developed for e-bikers that rely on speed. It is based on the Drive T drive and assists cyclists up to a speed of 45 kilometers per hour. Especially long-distance commuters get their money’s worth with this drive system.

Please note: Statutory requirements must comply when operating an s-pedelec. Please contact us, we will be happy to advise you!



Comfort Display

The e-bike can be switched on and off with the control unit. With the help of both keys and joystick, one can activate and control the drive assistance or switch on the lights. The display of the control unit shows the current travel speed, assistance level, light function and charge level of the battery. Furthermore, the ergonomically perfect display indicates the total kilometers and the maximum speed of the total distance.

  • Display for assistance level and charge level
  • Display for system status
  • Ergonomic operation
  • Joystick control
  • Weather resistance (IP protection class 65)
  • Integrated dot matrix display (allows e. g. graphic presentation of logos)


The linkage battery is a patented link battery that is suitable for the use with Brose’s Drive T, Drive S Alu and Drive TF drives. The battery management system was specially tailored to Brose’s drive and enables a drive setup that is individually harmonized and specific for the e-bike type in question.

  • Fully integrated and revolutionary Linkage link battery
  • Patented concept that allows for specially solid frame constructions
  • Extra clean and unobtrusive designs are possible
  • Energy content: approx. 504 Wh, voltage: 36 V, capacity: 14 Ah
  • With RoPD® (Rosenberger Power Data Connector)
  • Cutting-edge lithium-ion technology with extremely high energy density


Our holistic e-bike concept offers two different versions of a classic down tube battery. The intelligent battery management system protects the lithium-ion batteries from excessively elevated temperatures, overload and deep discharge. Removing the battery for charging at your home works very simple, however, the batteries may also be recharged directly at the bicycle.

  • Classic down tube battery (so-called “bottle type”) with a special and elegant-looking connection to the Brose interface
  • Mounted as a frame battery, this down tube battery sits close to the e-bike’s center of gravity and hence ensures more stability
  • No self-discharge, no memory effect
  • Ergonomic design and easy handling
  • High power density with low weight
  • Two variants of energy content: 396 Wh / 522 Wh, voltage: 36 V each, capacity: 11Ah/14 Ah


Models with
linkage battery

The full integration of the battery characterizes these four models, which are equipped with a patented linkage battery. They are suitable for use with the Brose drives Drive T, Drive S Alu and Drive TF. In conjunction with the linkage battery, our e-bike frames experience extremely high stiffness values. The consistently integrated components make it almost impossible to guess at first glance that these bikes are e-bikes.


Models with
down tube battery

Classic drawn frames characterize these four models with a down tube battery. As with the models with Linkage battery, there are also the frame types MTB, City Wave, trekking ladies and trekking men. These frames optically emphasize simplicity and clear lines. Technology and design fuse together, even if the battery is seated on the down tube. Thanks to an optical extension, it forms a harmonious unit with the slightly diagonally mounted drive.