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The desire to have your own e-bike

No other trend has dominated the bicycle industry more intensively in recent years than the e-‍bike! In 2020, sales records were set across Europe, making the e-bike segment the strongest bicycle segment in the individual countries. Almost 2 million e-bikes were sold in Germany alone. Quantitative market shares of +40% are no longer uncommon and a further increase is seen as very realistic.

The e-bike is both a problem solver and an expression of a new sense of mobility that is simply fun, environmentally friendly and healthy.

With our 100 years of expertise in the development, procurement and marketing of bicycle components, we have developed a holistic concept that combines the latest state of the art in a wide range of possible variations and a high degree of customization.

The Messingschlager E-Mobility Solutions address the specific consumer and market needs of a wide variety of target groups in the international markets and offer the bicycle manufacturer maximum flexibility in terms of design, procurement and production.

Our e-mobility solutions are based on the legal EU directives and regulations for pedelecs and guarantee our customers legal security.

This enables our customers to enter the number 1 growth market in the bicycle industry in an uncomplicated, cost-efficient and faster than average manner!

Another important component of this concept was the introduction of the Messingschlager PartFinder in 2020. The range of parts, which will be significantly expanded for 2022, makes it easier for OEMs, dealers and end users alike to find the right load-appropriate bicycle part for the required application. Our recommended bicycle parts are tested and categorized according to the valid ISO 4210/EN 15194 standards up to 120 kg and sometimes even up to 160 kg.

The long-standing experience of the company Messingschlager gives you assistance, market-driven answers and important reliability in a time when the international supply chains are heavily stressed and product availability is characterized by great uncertainties and long lead times.

The e-bike has arrived in the middle of society. Don't let the dynamics of this product segment and its opportunities slip by! We are happy to support you!

Your Team Messingschlager

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Expansion of the range or entry into the boom market for e-bikes

Two possible ways

Langsamer E-Bike Markteintritt
Schneller E-Bike Markteintritt


Fully Modell


Messingschlager Mountain Concept Fully Carbon

Generous full suspension on travel & an impressive performance! For sporty use on the trail: high-end all-mountain with full carbon frame, 140 mm suspension travel and a complete Brose drive system. With the appropriate selection of components, a total weight of less than 22 kg can be achieved!

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Fully Modell

An enduro for the really big things. With 170 mm and the option of installing 27.5 "+ or 29" wheels, our concept not only offers maximum riding safety, speed and fun downhill, but also dynamic and comfortable progress uphill. The centerpiece is the newly developed frame in conjunction with the Brose drive system, consisting of the Brose Drive S Mag motor (90 Nm max torque) and the new smart Brose Remote Display, which blends harmoniously into the overall picture.

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Hardtail Modell

Messingschlager Mountain Concept Hardtail Aluminium

One for (almost) everything! Our new, universally applicable aluminum hardtail is a real jack-of-all-trades. Both in terms of use and specification options. With Brose Generation 2 drives, almost anything is possible in 27.5 "and 29" - wherever the mountain bike tours are supposed to lead!

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Messingschlager Urban Concept Trekking Alu

Riding towards the sun - with electric power speeding you up! With this trekking e-bike system you can really do kilometers and reach your destination relaxed. With all Brose Generation 2 drives, batteries up to 630 Wh and the option of choosing between belt drive and chain, the specification options are virtually unlimited.

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SUV Modell SUV

Messingschlager Urban Concept City Aluminium SUV

The road ends - with the new SUV there is no reason to step of fthe bike! The powerful Brose Generation 2 drives and the off-road equipment combine relaxed geometry with roughly profiled 2.35 "tires, extended spring travel from 80 to 100 mm, inconspicuously integrated mudguard, carrier integration and powerful lighting system. Packed in an elegant, integrated design, it is a real high-quality all-rounder that ensures maximum flexibility and riding pleasure on all routes.

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City Modell

Messingschlager Urban Concept City Alu

Modern e-bikes belong in the city like gondolas on the Canale Grande. Redesigned and developed: contemporary design and high variability, consistently and smart appearance. Three different frame shapes and the Brose C, S or T - drives of generation 2 guarantee maximum flexibility.

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Messingschlager Urban Concept Light Alu

Stylish & slim, nobody spots an e-bike here! The e-bikes in our Light series combine timeless bicycle design with the latest e-technology. With two different frame shapes and the Bafang rear drives, a wide variety of elegant concepts can be implemented without any problems. Both a sporty diamond frame and a simple low-entry frame are available as frame concepts.

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Light Gravel Modell

Messingschlager Road Concept Gravel Alu

Riding a gravel bike is even more fun with an engine! We have consistently expanded our innovative Light series to include the Road style: An e-gravel bike with an almost invisible 360 Wh battery and a powerful motor at the rear. Thanks to light and perfectly integrated components like the battery with 21700 cell technology, total weights of less than 15 kg can be achieved.

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Concept Youth Alu

Messingschlager Mountain Concept Youth Alu

Admit it! As a child, you also preferred your big brother´s moped. Our involvement in the latest Messingschlager project is aimed at the young. The abbreviation “Y” in the name stands for youth ... kids … future and is the ideal addition to the modern, mobile family. Everything compactly integrated into a manoeuvrable 24” children’s MTB weighing less than 17 kg with a strong Bafang motor.

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The easy way to the right, tested bicycle part! Are you looking for bike parts that are suitable for the load so you can certify your bikes according to system weight and bike category? The PartFinder is our new categorization matrix for bicycles and bicycle parts. It categorizes bicycles according to the respective areas of use based on ASTM F2043-13 or DIN EN 17406. By this, we optimally support consumers, dealers and manufacturers in their search for the right bicycle part. Find out more here.

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