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Bafang offers e-bike drive solutions for almost every requirement and area of application. Whether small, quiet, strong, light, elegant, ergonomic or clean - every Bafang system offers various advantages and is aimed at certain areas of application. All systems have reliability in common. Thanks to its basic concept as individual components, it is compatible with many other manufacturers of displays, for example, and enables individual solutions for manufacturers in original equipment that can be completed with the e-bike parts from the Messingschlager range.

Bafang has developed into one of the world's leading providers of complete e-bike systems since 2003. In addition to high-quality motors, the Chinese manufacturer offers a complete range of components for e-bikes and electric scooters. The portfolio also includes user-friendly HMIs (Human Machine Interface), reliable batteries and sensors for a natural driving experience, either as individual components or as a complete system. Connectors and engine control units (controllers) complete the product range. Our e-bike sales team will be happy to advise you!

Bafang E-Bike Antrieb M400

Drive system

Strong. Smooth. Quiet.

And it is also light and extremely durable. These are the best features of the classic M400 drive system. It is perfectly adapted to the needs of family cargo bikes or modern e‍-‍trekking bikes. It supports the riders with harmoniously coordinated and reliable 80 NM torque. So long trips are no longer a sweaty sporting activity. With 250 watts at 3.9 kg, Bafang's first mid-engine is a real modern classic.

Drive system

Mini. Quiet. Elegant.

“Is this really an electric drive or just a gear hub?” You will be faced with this question more often as the owner of an H600 rear engine bike. No other electric drive integrates itself more inconspicuously and harmoniously into the look of a light and stylish lifestyle bike. It makes no special demands on the frame design. With 42 NM torque, it provides effective support for the challenges of everyday traffic.

Bafang E-Bike Antrieb H600
Bafang E-Bike Antrieb M800

Drive system

Mini. Ergonomic. Clean.

The ultra-compact M800 is one of the most compact and lightest mid-engine systems for e-road, e-gravel and e-cross bikes. Designed for dynamic riding with fully integrated down tube battery, ergonomic handlebar remote controls and central display. With an extremely light weight of less than 2.3 kg and up to 55 NM torque powerful support.

Drive system

Gentle. Quiet. Attractively priced.

Not everyone wants to do financial hard work for a modern bike in order to benefit from electric drive support. The new M200 makes an affordable e-bike concept possible without having to forego the amenities of more expensive systems. Strong 65 kNM torque offer a gentle and quiet power output with a weight of only 3.2 kkg.

Bafang E-Bike Drive system M200