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The first step in cleaning the bike is to clean the frame, for which Motul offers two cleaners: Frame Clean and Dry Clean. Frame Clean is a water-based cleaner with high dissolving power that allows you to remove even the most stubborn dirt. If you don't have space outside to clean your bike, we recommend Motul Dry Clean, a frame cleaner that requires no rinsing. To degrease the chain, use Chain Clean, a solvent-free, water-based cleaner. For cleaning brake pads and discs, use Brake Clean, which effectively removes dust, grease or tar to improve braking performance.

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After cleaning and degreasing the bike, it is time to lubricate both the chain and the rest of the mechanical components. To lubricate and protect the chain, use Motul Chain Lube Dry or Wet, depending on whether you are riding in dry or wet conditions. For all other moving parts, use EZ Lube multi-purpose lubricant which, when applied, forms a protective layer that prevents corrosion and jamming of bike parts. Use Tire Sealant for tubeless tyres to prevent punctures.

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