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Real riding pleasure with optimal performance without disturbing background noises - the ideal of every e-‍biker. The innovative design of the Brose e-‍bike drives makes it a reality.

With a precise sensor system, the drives of the family company adjust to the individual riding style of the e‍biker and deliver exactly the right amount of additional power - dynamic and harmonious, extremely quiet and low-vibration. If electrical support is not required, Brose freewheel technology is used. This means that the engine and transmission are completely decoupled. The effect: no pedaling resistance - the overall result is a natural riding experience.

The Brose drive at a glance

  • Very quiet, low vibration
  • No pedal resistance without ride assistance
  • Sensitive response behavior
  • Powerful support and smooth riding behavior
  • Elegant frame integration
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Aluminium or Magnesium?

Almost all drives are available in two versions:
with a housing made of aluminum or magnesium.

The drives with aluminum housing can be installed 360 degrees around the bottom bracket in any position. The drives in the magnesium housing are 500 grams lighter and 15 percent smaller than the aluminum versions.

Brose Motor Drive C

Drive C


The Drive C stands for an urban lifestyle. Whether on the way to work with traffic lights or while cruising through the city - thanks to its particularly harmonious riding behavior, the Drive C ensures serenity in the hustle and bustle of the city. This gently responsive drive is the ideal companion in everyday life.

Spiderweb Drive C Alu
Spiderweb Drive C Mag
Brose Motor Drive T

Drive T

Long-distance runner

The Drive T is a highly efficient trekking drive. Extensive tours or a short cruise through the city - the Drive T is the perfect all-rounder. It is ideal for everyday e‍-‍bike needs and long ranges. It is also the first choice for cargo bikes.

Spiderweb Drive T Alu
Spiderweb Drive T Mag
Brose Motor Drive S

Drive S


The Drive S is the "athlete" in the family. At higher cadences, this high-performance drive has 15 percent more torque than the Drive T and an even more sensitive response. This makes the Drive S Alu particularly suitable for sporty tours, especially for e-mountain bikers. As a Drive S-Mag, it is used in top models such as our E-full suspension bike

Spiderweb Drive S Alu
Spiderweb Drive S Mag
Brose Motor Drive TF

Drive TF


The Drive TF was developed for e‍-‍bikers who rely on speed. It is based on the Drive T and supports riders up to a speed of 45 kilometers per hour in s-pedelecs. Long-distance commuters in particular get their money's worth with this drive. It is only available in the aluminum version.

Spiderweb Drive TF Alu

Attention: There are special legal requirements for s-pedelecs.
We would be happy to advise you here!


Brose Display Allround

Brose Display Allround - for design lovers

Elegantly shaped: The Brose Display Allround is the stylish all-in-one solution. The functions are displayed on a 1.5 inch colour screen. The convex screen can be mounted flexibly on the right or left of the handlebars and nestles seamlessly next to the shifter or grip. Six specially emobossed control buttons offer a sure feel and are ergonomically positioned for optimum ease of use. For optimal and quick readability, the selection of data to be displayed can be set individually.

Brose Display Remote

Brose Display Remote - for purists

Fans of undisturbed design lines and consistent purists get their money’s worth with the Brose Display Remote. All important functions such as the assistance level, light and walk assist are stored in six easy-to-feel keys. An LED light strip in the slim but robust housing delivers information about the battery charge, level of assistance or walk assist. From stylish city bike to sporty emountain bike, the smallest Brose display hugs the handlebar and provides as much information as needed in as little space as possible. Anyone who wants more values displayed at a glance also uses the Brose Display Central.

Brose Display Central

Brose Display Central - for the curious

Everything in view: The Brose Display Central guarantees the optimum overview. The very big picture is delivered by the Brose Display Central with 3.5 inch colour screen. Thanks to the central position of the display on the handlebar, the rider has a perfect view of the personalised values. The Brose Display Central works together with the Brose Display Remote, which serves as a practical control unit. For a clear indication, the LEDs of the Brose Display Remote switch off in this combination.

The power packs for Brose drives

Battery 630


The Brose Battery 630 fits perfectly into the e-bike frame and is still very easy to remove. The patented fastening mechanism offers two main advantages. The battery is attached as best as possible under heavy loads. However, only one lock has to be opened for removal. This means that the Brose Battery 630 can be charged in the apartment or in a mountain hut when out and about. The technical data are also impressive. The battery with black anodized aluminum housing weighs only 3.8 kg with a compact size of 387 x 84 x 72 mm!

Phylion Akku


This slim battery battery is fully integrated into our new hardtail frames with Brose second generation drives. It offers the manufacturer maximum variability, as the 2 available battery capacities of 630 Wh and 522 Wh are in the identical battery housing. This means that in every Brose Generation 2 e-bike, concepts with a maximum range with 630 Wh capacity or cheaper price points with 522 Wh can be implemented. Depending on the model, it is inserted into the down tube from above or below and, thanks to a patented holding mechanism, is securely attached even in the event of strong vibrations. Nevertheless, it can be very easily clicked out of the frame and clicked back in again.



The linkage battery battery is a fully integrated, patented linkage battery that is suitable for the use of the Brose Drive T, Drive S Alu and Drive TF generation 1. The battery management system, which is specially adapted to the Brose drive, allows a drive setup that is tailored to the particular type of e-bike. It enables particularly stable frame constructions with a clean and inconspicuous design. Thanks to the latest lithium-ion technology and extremely high energy density, it comes to approx. 504 Wh at 36 V voltage and 14 Ah capacity with a Rosenberger magnetic plug.


Fully Modell


The new Carbon E-Full Suspension from Messingschlager E-Mobility Solutions. With either 140 mm or 130 mm suspension travel (SUV version) and the option of installing 27.5 "+ or 29" wheels, our concept promises the greatest possible variability and best performance in the all-mountain and trail sector. The centerpiece is the newly developed full carbon frame in conjunction with the Brose drive system, consisting of the Brose Drive S Mag motor (90 Nm max torque). The battery is fully integrated in the down tube and is protected by an impact-resistant carbon cover.

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Fully Modell

An enduro for the really big things. With 170 mm and the option of installing 27.5 "+ or 29" wheels, our concept not only offers maximum riding safety, speed and fun downhill, but also dynamic and comfortable progress uphill. The centerpiece is the newly developed frame in conjunction with the Brose drive system, consisting of the Brose Drive S Mag motor (90 Nm max torque) and the new smart Brose Remote Display, which blends harmoniously into the overall picture.

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Hardtail Modell

One for (almost) everything! Our new, universally applicable aluminum hardtail is a real jack-of-all-trades. Both in terms of use and specification options. With Brose Generation 2 drives, almost anything is possible in 27.5 "and 29" - wherever the mountain bike tours are supposed to lead!

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Riding towards the sun - with electric power speeding you up! With this trekking e-bike system you can really do kilometers and reach your destination relaxed. With all Brose Generation 2 drives, batteries up to 630 Wh and the option of choosing between belt drive and chain, the specification options are virtually unlimited.

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SUV Modell SUV

The road ends - that's where the fun begins! With the new SUV there is no reason to step off the bike. The powerful Brose Generation 2 drives and the off-road equipment with relaxed geometry, packaged in an elegant, integrated design, ensure maximum flexibility and riding pleasure on all routes.

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City Modell

One frame platform - maximum flexibility. Plus the latest generation of drives from Brose. This is how the could be briefly characterized. Based on three frame shapes (wave, trekking and trapeze), you can easily create city and trekking bikes with all Brose Generation 2 drives. With a torque of 50, 70 or 90 Nm you can cope with any environment. In addition to the 522 Wh battery, a 630 Wh battery can be used, which is elegantly hidden in the down tube. Hub or derailleur gears as well as belt drives can be installed for maximum flexibility in shifting.

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Linkage Modell


The four models introduced in 2019, which are equipped with a patented linkage battery and are suitable for the use of the generation 1 Brose Drive T, Drive S Alu and Drive TF, are characterized by the full integration of the battery. In connection with the linkage battery, our e-bike frames experience extremely high levels of rigidity, which are still state of the art. The consistently integrated components meet the zeitgeist and at first glance it is hard to imagine that such a perfect implementation is about e-bikes.

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