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Bike Baskets for Handlebars & Racks

Bicycle baskets are just as diverse as bicycles. In addition to the used materials, such as wire, rattan, wicker, seaweed or plastic, the main difference is the mounting or mounting position of the basket. The various baskets for bicycles are mounted either on the handlebars, on the luggage rack or as a stem in front of the handlebars and above the front wheel. Before buying a bike basket, you should consider: Which basket fits your bike? What do you need the basket for? Moreover, what does the bicycle basket have to endure? However, a handlebar basket is smaller than a basket suitable for the luggage rack. You see that the basket on the handlebar is suitable for a lower weight than a luggage carrier basket. Which basket is suitable for you, meets your taste and at the same time fits your requirements, you decide yourself. Each material has its specific advantages.