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Over 90 Years of Experience

The Bike Experience

The company Messingschlager is a traditional family owned business, presently located in Baunach, rooted for three generations in the region. Over the decades, the company has undergone many changes, whether due to the political environment, or by a changing business world. Join us on a tour of our company's history!

Foundation 1924

  • Pödeldorfer Street in Bamberg


    Company founded by Anton and Gunda Messingschlager on Pödeldorfer Street in Bamberg.

  • 1930s

    Company moves into Brennerstraße 8, just behind the Bamberg train station.

  • 1945

    Destruction of the company building by air attack.

  • 1948

    Death of Anton Messingschlager. His son, Rudolf Messingschlager takes over the company at the age of 15 years old.

  • Vorder Graben Bamberg


    The company moves into a newly acquired site in the “Vorderen Graben“ in Bamberg, Germany.

  • 1957

    The company moves again due to space and infrastructural reasons from Bamberg's city center to Lauter.

    Messingschlager Lauter
  • Messingschlager 1969


    The final company move to approximately 13,500 m² of purchased land and construction of an office building at the present site.

    This relocation was subsequently found to be the right decision, because over the years the company had enough room to adapt our offices and warehouses to growing demand. At this point the new location caters to transportation routes and is ideal as the next motorway exit only is located only 4 km away and the next ICE-Station located only 10 km away.

  • 1970s

    Intensification of the cooperation with Kenda.

  • 1989

    Benno Messingschlager joins the company after finishing his economics and sports studies as the third generation.

  • 1993

    Intensification of the cooperation with Velo.

  • 1995

    Sale of the assembly lines and brand Centurion. Focus on bike parts.

  • 1996

    Intensification of the cooperation with KMC.

  • 2003

    Transfer of management to Benno Messingschlager.

  • 2007

    Completion and inauguration of a new warehouse with 1.160 m². Completion of the probably largest warehouse for bicycle parts in Europe with a over 7,000 m² high rack warehouse.

    Messingschlager 2007
  • 2008

    Building up the warehouse in USA.

  • 2012

    Extension of stock capacity to more than 14,000 m². Start of automated warehouse system.

    Messingschlager 2012
  • Bike-Cafe Messingschlager


    Opening of the Concept Bike-Cafe and Bike-Park on the company premises.

  • 2013

    N-TV Hidden Champion Award: 1st place in the category "transition from generation to genereation"

    n-tv hidden champion
  • Bayerns Best 50


    Bavaria’s Best 50 Award

  • 2016

    Extension of the office complex by 500 m²

    Messingschlager 2016
  • Brose


    Intensification of the cooperation with Brose.

  • 2019

    Intensification of the cooperation with Bafang.

  • warehouse


    Expansion of the high-bay and incoming goods warehouse to over 16,000 m²

  • 2021

    The Hama group of companies from Monheim takes over the majority share of the Messingschlager GmbH & Co. KG

    Hama Monheim

More than 2000 customers over 60 countries

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The Bike Experience

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