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Tannus Armour

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All Tannus products

Armour against flats

Tannus Armour is a revolutionary tire insert for off-road riding, designed to be used with a regular clincher and inner tube setup. But not only the pinch flat protection on top oft he tire and at the sides is improved significantly – the tire can also be ridden with less air pressure. This provides better traction and more riding comfort. Tannus Armour is the all-round carefree package for much more cycling fun!


Sitting between the inner tube and tire, the Armour encases the inner tube, providing all-round puncture protection.

At its thickest point, the top of the Armour is ~15 mm, which, combined with a tire gives in excess of 20 mm of puncture protection.

The wings of the Armour are ~2 mm thick and provide additional lateral protection and support to the sidewall, reducing the risk of pinch-flats.

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