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Soziales Engagement


„It doesn't matter whether the sums are large or small, every cent counts and is valuable! Together we can achieve a lot and help many people who are among the poorest of the poor to live more humanely.“
Benno Messingschlager


As a globally successful company, we not only focus on our economic success, but are also aware of our social and ecological responsibility. We are very fortunate to live in a country that offers a high standard of living. With this prosperity, we can and want to support disadvantaged people in order to enable them to live a better life. In doing so, we do not differentiate according to age, origin or skin color, but help where help is most urgently needed. We are therefore involved in the following national and international projects, among others:

Friend Circle World Help

Friend Circle World Help supports and helps children and people in need on site, regardless of religious, political or social backgrounds. The organization achieves this, for example, by providing clothing, food and clean drinking water. This organization consists only of volunteers. The aid projects are financed exclusively by donations. Every cent donated goes to those in need, as none of the money is spent on the organization itself, advertising or administration. The Friend Circle World Help operates mainly in India and fights for the outcasts living in leprosy villages to get back a life worth living and to be reintegrated into the normal population. We have been supporting this organization since 2012, have been there ourselves and still are at regular intervals to help where the help is needed most urgently.

Médecins Sans Frontières

The non-profit organization Médecins Sans Frontières - headquartered in Geneva - provides emergency medical aid in more than 70 countries worldwide where health structures have collapsed or the population is inadequately cared for. We decided to support this aid organization in 2009. Since then, we have been just one of many companies involved in helping to rebuild health centers or restore health care, among other things.

SOS Children's Villages

SOS Children's Villages have made it their mission to provide children worldwide with a loving home and to support them individually. We joined this agenda in 2005 and took over two SOS child sponsorships. Our two sponsored children are from India and Bangladesh and our sponsorship contributions support, for example, their school education. At the latest when our sponsored children reach the age of 24, our sponsorship automatically transfers to new sponsored children. This way, we can provide a better future for children in need for an unlimited period of time.

Plan International

Similar to SOS Children's Villages, Plan International also aims to provide children from crisis areas in general with a better life and education. Since 2005, we have been sponsoring a child from Ethiopia who, thanks to our donations, receives an appropriate school education.

Kindergardens St. Magdalena and St. Oswald in Baunach

Our region is close to our hearts, which we have also expressed since 2006 with our support of the local kindergardens St. Magdalena and St. Oswald in Baunach. Since then, both kindergardens have received the proceeds of our annual Christmas raffle. Through our support, we have been able to purchase learning materials and toys, as well as invest in new equipment that makes the children's hearts beat faster.

Kindergardens St. Magdalena and St. Oswald in Baunach
Lehrbuch Justus der Schlauradler

Primary School Baunach

Participating safely in road traffic is the be-all and end-all. In order to teach even the youngest road users the correct behavior on the roads from the very beginning, we have participated in providing road safety textbook to the third graders of the elementary school in Baunach. With the help of the textbooks, the children are shown by Justus, the smart cyclist, the correct way to ride a bicycle in different traffic situations. Helpful tips are also given on how to recognize dangers at an early stage and avoid accidents.

Lehrbuch Justus der Schlauradler

Diakonie Bamberg-Forchheim

The Diakonie Bamberg-Forchheim supports and helps people regardless of age, denomination and origin. Fellow human beings who need help and support receive this in the form of care for the elderly, childcare or social psychiatry. Among other things, we support this non-profit organization with donations in kind, such as a new e-bike that employees can use to travel to patients in the city area.