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Consapevolezza ambientale

Climate protection. Sustainability.
Environmental Protection.
You. I. We all. Now!


In addition to all of our economic efforts, it is important to us to ensure and maintain a future worth living in for ourselves and all inhabitants of this planet. For this reason, we are actively committed to protecting our environment by supporting various projects in order not only to contribute to global CO² reduction, but also to preserve and protect endangered flora and fauna.

Agrar Invest

AgrarINVEST buys and holds land in Eastern Europe, mainly in Romania, where almost every fourth inhabitant makes a living from agriculture. They lease land to local farmers on fair terms and thus secure their (economic) existence. The values for which AgrarINVEST stands are sustainability and long-term stability. Through our participation in 2009, we were able to contribute to the acquisition of land and thereby invest in the manufacture of agricultural products.

Artists United for Nature

„Yes we can“. This song published in 1989 by the Artists United for Nature, an international association of well-known musicians and artists, benefited our endangered nature: The proceeds of the single from this charity project were used towards the preservation and rescue of the rainforest and contributed to the prevention of its deforestation and exploitation. We also took part in this praiseworthy venture and have since been the proud owners of 400 m² of tropical rainforest. In this way, we actively conduce to the rescue and preservation of the threatened flora and fauna.

Artists United for Nature
Klimaschutz Invest

Klimaschutz Invest

As the name suggests, KlimaschutzINVEST III invests in climate protection projects that help reduce CO² emissions worldwide. This can be achieved for example by sealing landfills. Thereby created methane gas is being captured and converted into electricity. Thanks to our support for KlimaschutzINVEST III, we were able to contribute to a worldwide CO² reduction of 12,000 tons.

Klimaschutz Invest


To get the true meaning of the word photovoltaics, you have to go back to ancient Greece. “Photo” means “light”, while volts is the physical unit of measurement for voltage. In simple terms, photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly into electric energy. There are no CO² emissions or other pollutants. That is why this type of electricity generation is one of the cleanest in the world. In 2006, we decided to use solar energy and installed the first photovoltaic system on our company premises. Today two of our warehouses are fully equipped with solar panels, which provide us with an average of 100,325 kWh of energy per year.



The CITY CYCLING campaign was first launched in 2008 by the Climate Alliance and is aimed at all citizens and local politicians with the intention of covering everyday routes by bike instead of by car. The main goal is to reduce both the participants’ and municipality's C0₂ emissions during the 21-day campaign period and to create a higher level of environmental awareness. Each participant logs the distance they have cycled either via the app or online into their own user account or manually at the local municipality. Our very own ‘Team Messingschlager’ has been participating in the campaign since 2017 and we are improving our performance from year to year. During the campaign period in 2020, our cyclists amassed an impressive total of 30,015 km. Regardless of whether it's for the fun of cycling or for the sake of the environment - there are plenty of good reasons to take part in this competition yourself, so next year you too should get on your bike and cycle for your community!


As part of corporate health promotion, our Messingschlager team also takes part in the "BIKE TO WORK" campaign. At the end of the campaign period, various prizes will be raffled among the participants: From high-quality e-bikes to bicycle accessories such as saddles and helmets to fruit boxes for freshening up the vitamin C balance – there's something for every health-conscious cyclist. As partaker, you have the opportunity to share your participation in the campaign under the hashtag #MdRzA (derived from the German "mit dem Rad zur Arbeit") in the social networks and thus increase your chances of further prizes. So it's worth taking part!

„The world is a fine place and worth fighting for.“
Ernest Hemingway