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The easy way to the right, tested bicycle part

What is our PartFinder and what purpose does it fulfill?

The range of bicycle types and available bicycle parts has literally exploded in recent years. If you went to a bike shop 10–15 years ago, you had the choice between racing bikes, city bikes, trekking bikes and mountain bikes. If you wanted to exchange bicycle parts after buying, you usually choose between “fits to doesn’t fit”.

Today the bike world is much more diverse, but it has also become more confusing for the end user. There are racing bikes, triathlon bikes, gravel bikes, trekking bikes, urban bikes, commuters, MTB hardtails, cross-country / marathons, downcountry, trail bikes, all mountain, enduro, freeride, gravity, downhill, some with or without full suspension, and all with or without electric drive.

The range of different areas of application is huge, and the loads that occur during riding differ greatly.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for customers to choose the right bicycle parts for their individual requirements from the huge selection.

The Messingschlager PartFinder helps end consumers to find their way around the huge range of bicycle parts and to accurately select the right bicycle part for their own needs.

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How Does It Work?

Bicycles and the components installed on them are developed and constructed for a specific area of application and the loads to be expected. The loads that act on the bike or the components vary depending on the area of application and system weight (bike + rider + luggage).

In order to select the right bicycle or the right bicycle part for your own individual requirements, you only need clarity with regard to the two determining factors of application and system weight.

The maximum system weight is approved by the wheel manufacturer and can be found on the nameplate or in the operating instructions. This is not changed by changing the bike parts!

Bike Category n Icon Beschreibung

Operation area
The areas of application are, in turn, divided into bike categories, as they are now common with bicycle manufacturers. Within these categories, no distinction is made between e-bikes / bicycles without e-drive or full suspension / hardtail.

System weight
You can easily calculate the system weight yourself.
System weight = bike + rider + luggage

Grafik System weight
Bike Category  1 City

Bike Category 1
City / Urban

Bike Category  1 Icon

Bicycles and e-bikes that are used on paved roads and whose tires keep contact with the ground at all times.

Not suitable for drops / jumps.

Bike Category  2 Trekking

Bike Category 2
Trekking / Gravel

Bike Category  2 Icon

Bicycles and e-bikes that are used on paved and unpaved roads, as well as gravel and dirt roads. These conditions can result in contact with uneven terrain and loss of tire contact with the ground.

Drops from a height of max. 15 cm can occur occasionally.

Bike Category  3 Cross Country

Bike Category 3
Cross Country / Tour

Bike Category  3 Icon

Bicycles and e-bikes which are suitable for the conditions from category 1 and 2 and which can also be used on impassable paths as well as in difficult terrain and on undeveloped paths.

Drops / jumps should be limited to max. 60 cm.

Bike Category  4 Trail

Bike Category 4
Trail / Enduro

Bike Category  4 Icon

Bicycles and e-bikes that are suitable for the conditions from category 1, 2 and 3 and which can also be used for descents in rough terrain at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Drops / jumps should be limited to max. 120 cm.

Bike Category  5 Downhill

Bike Category 5
Gravity / DH

Bike Category  5 Icon

Bicycles and e-bikes that are suitable for the conditions of category 1, 2, 3 and 4 and which are also used for extreme jumps or descents on unpaved roads at speeds of more than 40 km/h.

Drops / jumps should be limited to max. 190 cm.

Bike Category  6 Road

Bike Category 6
Road Race

Bike Category  6 Icon

Bicycles and e-bikes that are used on a paved road and whose tires maintain contact with the ground at all times. These bikes can be used in competitions or other occasions at high speeds over 50 km/h, such as descents and sprints.

Not suitable for drops / jumps.

Bicycle part according to
Select symbol / description

Category 3 (E-MTB Cross Country),
System weight 140 kg

You have an E-MTB bike that weighs 26 kg and you weigh 97 kg with clothing and luggage. This results in a total weight (= system weight) of 123 kg. You use the bike on your home trails and the route conditions correspond to max. Category 3. Your bike must be approved for category 3 with a system weight of 140 kg (e.g. according to the frame sticker). You therefore need bicycle parts from the same category for this purpose.

Bike Category Icon Beschreibung

Specifications bike categories and system weights

Icons Anwendungsgebiete
Icons Anwendungsgebiete

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