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Intelligent solutions for today's bikes

The bike world of the year 2020 is a reflection of the general technical and social development. How good that M‍-‍Wave has the right answers to the cycling challenges of our time!

Digitization, urbanization, and also the trend towards bicycles as a transport solution and sustainable tourism - all of this is reflected in the latest M‍-‍Wave product innovations. Electronic gadgets need space on the handlebar cockpit - we can do it. Cargo and luggage transport require fastening options and bags - we offer these. And all for the M‍-‍Wave typical, excellent price/performance ratio. Take a look at the latest M‍-‍Wave innovations!

M-Wave Qrir

M‍-‍Wave Cockpit Adapter ›Qrir‹

In a digital world, the bicycle is also not spared electronic gadgets. Fitness watches, navigation devices, switches for suspension elements, displays for e-bikes and and and ... all of this has to be accommodated on the handlebars, which thus becomes a real dashboard. Very often, space is no longer enough. M‍-‍Wave creates space and order with the Qrir adapter set. Thanks to the universally applicable holder and adapter, many devices such as navigation systems, lights or Go Pro Cam can be installed away from the handlebars, on or over the ahead cap. Or a bottle holder. All parts are made of high quality, CNC machined aluminum.

M‍-‍Wave ›Racky Baseplate‹

The transport requirements for current bikes are becoming increasingly complex these days. In urban areas in particular, cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular or other special constructions that often involve a lot of effort. However, even simpler transport tasks can be difficult in practice, for example if a heavy beverage crate or a larger sports bag is to be attached to a luggage rack. Both the weight and the special shape, size and nature can become a problem, since a standard luggage rack is very narrow. M‍-‍Wave offers an uncomplicated solution for this task. The Racky Baseplate is a light, stable and easy to attach aluminum base plate for the luggage rack, which has a size of 40 x 40 cm. It is firmly attached to the support by aluminum counter plates.

M-Wave Stalwart Axle

M‍-‍Wave ›Stalwart Axle‹

Thru axles have been used on mountain bike rear triangles for many years. This results in a significantly higher rigidity, which is also very useful in view of the high demands on these bikes. Disadvantages include the existence of different systems from several manufacturers and problems when it comes to attaching a trailer to the hub. The M‍-‍Wave thru-axle adapter with aluminum adapter pieces helps here. It is available for Shimano, Maxle and Syntace Type and has a universal mount for mounting a trailer hitch, as is used on standard bicycle trailers.

M‍-‍Wave ›Cloud Ergo‹ handle family

Modern handle design, a haptically pleasant surface, ergonomically optimized shape, great flexibility and different lengths and designs. The M‍-‍Wave "Cloud Ergo" handle family offers the right model for every application. Also in the practical version to screw on.

M-Wave Suburban

M‍-‍Wave ›Suburban‹

Stylish – 100% waterproof – light – spacious and practical: these are the cornerstones of the M‍-‍Wave Suburban bag series. The gray structured upper material looks like fabric, but is an absolutely waterproof tarpaulin. The welded seams and zips also ensure tightness. Secure brackets make it easy to use. The series includes luggage carrier bags, handlebar bags, top tube bags and saddlebags. By the way: the saddlebag also convinced in the test at the German magazine "aktiv Radfahren".

M‍-‍Wave ›Spy Space‹

The Spy Space is a modern mirror for all requirements of urban bicycle traffic. A firm aluminum clamp and the securely lockable 360 ° adjustment option ensure a sharp, vibration-free image. The impact-resistant and anti-reflective real glass, which is also used on automobile rear-view mirrors and has a large field of vision, makes a significant contribution. In addition to the excellent view, an appealing look is of course also important, which guarantees the stylish housing made of resistant nylon. It is also and especially suitable for e-bikes. In order to achieve a balanced look on the bicycle handlebar, the mirror is available in two versions for left and right.

M-Wave BC Vario Side

M‍-‍Wave ›BC Vario Side‹

New requirements of modern bikes and new geometries have an impact on many small parts of the bike. The space required on the frame for batteries and motors pushes important details such as bottle holders to the edge in everyday life. A sensible placement is often difficult and the handling of commercially available models is sometimes impossible. The same often applies to frames of full suspension mountain bikes. The "BC Vario Side" gives maximum flexibility here. It can be mounted on both sides, i.e. the bottle removal can be right or left. The rounded edges and the universal fit also make it comfortable and pleasant to use. Because it is made of high-quality plastic, it weighs only 44 grams.