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Bike Packing series by Messingschlager

Gravel Bikes

The all-in-one bike

Gravel bikes are a symbiosis between mountain bike and racing bike. They are confusingly similar to Cyclocross Bikes. The differentiation between the two types is difficult at first, because their external appearances resemble each other pretty much. Both of them are perfectly suited to surfaced but unpaved roads. Both bike types are fitted with rough profile 28 inch tires and are equipped with racing bike handlebars. The differences become more clearly if we compare the details: Gravel bikes have tires with a maximum width of 47mm and a longer wheelbase owing to a better handling performance for the straight-running stability as well as for ascents on steep passages. The deep-seated bottom bracket is a noticeable factor that ensures more stability when riding off-road. Eyelets on the fork and on the frame make it possible to retrofit mudguards. Not only does the mounting of bike packing bags make this off-road bike into an every-day bike, but also does an upright sitting position ensure a comfortable driving pleasure. Generally, one can say that whether going on a racing bike tour or on a bicycle trip or whether you ride to work or like to go on a single trail ride in the evening – gravel bikes are suitable for nearly every area and offer extensive driving pleasure.

Bike Packing Serie

Bike Packing Series

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Perfect Storage Space

Our waterproof bags suited for gravel bikes offer a lot of storage space despite their small size. The bags in our M-Wave Rough Ride series are an ideal combination between a lot of storage space and a light weight. Despite the mounting of the bags on the bike without brackets, the drivability is not affected.
The bag system was particularly developed to be used on gravel bikes. Functional and appealing design, quality on the highest level and years of experience lead to an excellent result to be proud of.

Ideal Grip

With our Kenda Flintridge tires and our Velo handlebar tape your bike is completely under your control. The tires are especially suitable for hard surfacing. The combination of two rubber compounds grants a firm hold in bends and causes low rolling resistance and therefore for a longer working life.
The special surface of the Velo Grip handlebar tape prevents slipping and absorbs vibrations. The handlebar remains antiskid also in humid conditions. Grip and a firm hold are also important for pedals. Exustar clipless pedals with a Shimano SPD system ensure a secure hold on every ground. A good alternative is the M-Wave combination pedal that can also be used with normal everyday shoes.

Lights and glasses

Lights and glasses

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Seeing well and being seen

The Rayon PC Ultra glasses have photochromic lenses that darken when getting in contact with UV radiation. Whereas in a dark environment they brighten up immediately. Due to the yellow interchangeable lenses the sun will also shine on dull autumn days and silhouettes can be seen better. These athletic and fashionable bicycle glasses can also keep up as regards to comfort. The eyeglass frame is extremely flexible and the soft nosepiece guarantees a pleasant wearing comfort.
The Moon lamps perform well and ensure a good sight and visibility up to a distance of 50 meters. Thanks to a special accumulator, the headlights have extremely short charging times and a longer running time up to 15 hours.

Dirt protection

There is not always good weather on the way. Sometimes clouds can come up within a very short time and it starts to rain. Stable and reliable mudguards offer the best protection against splashing water and mud during the ride.
In no time these mudguards can be mounted on the fork, the chainstays or on the lower tube. They are inconspicuous and do not destroy the clean look of the gravel bike.