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Safer Riding – Better Life

Kids bikes from RoyalBaby are ideally prepared for the specific needs of children regarding safety and comfort. Child-oriented brake levers with a short lever distance for small hands, extra wide tires for comfort and riding stability, special kids bottles or safety tested reflectors are just four examples showing how RoyalBaby produces its bikes with profound knowledge and high attention to details. RoyalBaby kids bikes accomplish the international standards of ISO 4510 or ISO 8098 for kids bikes.


Children's eyes look differently. Children feel different. Children have different skills, needs and conditions than adults. Safety plays a big role at RoyalBaby in the production and equipping of children's bicycles.

The future users are taken into account during development, so that, for example, the handle length is shortened. The child-friendly handles with short lever distance for small hands make sure that your children are always able to pull the brake. Furthermore, the tires, which are larger than average in size compared to the size of the bike, not only provide comfort, but also greater driving stability. In addition, the support wheels provide joy of learning to ride a bicycle because the solid construction and large contact area makes it difficult to fall over. The tested reflectors complete the package for a children's bike.

These are just a few examples that demonstrate the level of understanding, attention and safety that RoyalBaby gives to making its bicycles child-friendly.

If parents are happy with the high safety awareness of RoyalBaby, visually integrated bicycle baskets, loud bells or child-friendly drinking bottles that are otherwise completely missing on children's bikes will make children's eyes shine. Your children do not want to get off at all, but only ride their children's bicycle.

RoyalBaby | Safer Riding – Better Life

RoyalBaby Iso-Normen 4210 und 8098

Wide tires ensure high riding stability


Brakelevers with short lever distance

Chain case

Protection through closed chain case

Training Wheels

Extra wide and stable training wheels

Safety grip

Handle and safety grip for parents and children


Attractive accessories

Child-oriented bottle

Child-oriented bottle


Optical integrated basket