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Puncture Protection by Messingschlager

Keep on riding
with our Puncture Protection


Basically, the most important thing to prevent a breakdown is a proper care of the tires and to ride the bike with the right tire pressure. Otherwise, even the best puncture protection is in vain.
It is essential to be prepared for potential incidents on longer bicycle tours. All our puncture protection articles guarantee you and your bike protection in advance. Consequently, a breakdown does not immediately end your tour. Discover our puncture protection articles in the following and find the right one for you and your bike.


  • reusable
  • biodegradable
  • universal sizes for road bikes, MTB, trekking bikes

The Kenda puncture protection is mounted between the tube and the tire of the bike, just like the Tannus Armour. It also can be reused during its service life and is additionally biodegradable. The size of this puncture protection is universal and differs in the range of application: road bike, MTB or trekking bike. Prevent flats with the puncture protection by Kenda!

ADVANTAGES OF M-WAVE Tire Emergency Pro:

  • prevents and repairs damages to a diameter of 3 mm in tubes and tires of all kinds
  • with valve key to take out the valve from A/V
  • pointed valve and additional fill-in-tube for easy filling

The tire and tube puncture protection liquid my M-Wave is simple and effective. It is filled in between tube and tire and seals smaller damages to maximum diameter of 3 mm autonomously while the ride. A valve key to take out the valve from the valve insert is included with delivery as well as an additional fill-in-tube for easy filling. With the sealant by M-Wave you will not break down!

ADVANTAGES OF Kenda K Shield (Plus):

  • recommended for e-bikes
  • protects from screws, thorns and other sharp objects
  • universal sizes for road bikes, MTB, trekking bikes

Discover the Kenda puncture protection tire. The exterior wall is reinforced and as a result it is more resilient to damages caused by sharp objects. In this way the tube stays sound and undamaged and guarantees an excellent driving pleasure. With this puncture protection by Kenda you prevent flats and stay protected on your bicycle tours!

ADVANTAGES OF M-Wave Tubelesskits:

  • puncture protection through sealant
  • environment-friendly and latex-free
  • individualization possible
  • suitable for all tires

M-Wave tubeless kits guarantee puncture protection through a sealant. The sealant has to be filled into the tire and seals damages up to 6 mm. The liquid seals the hole, and cures but the tire stays still flexible. With the sealant by M-Wave you are rapidly back on track!


  • recommended for e-bikes
  • no awkward repair needed
  • protects from screws, thorns and other sharp objects
  • universal sizes for road bikes, MTB, trekking bikes

Kenda trusts in tubes when it comes to punctures. The tubes seal themselves and ensure puncture protection by sealing holes up to 3 mm autonomously. Another alternative by Kenda guarantees this protection by a great wall strength of 1,2 mm. The tubes are available for the special range of application: road, MTB and trekking. They are also usable for e-bikes.