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Joint armored lock against theft

Do you want a lock that thieves will cut their teeth on? Then you've come to the right place, because our armoured link locks don't give thieves a chance. Pliers, bolt cutters, etc. despair at the reinforced and extra thick armoured links of the lock. You, on the other hand, can open your armoured link lock easily and conveniently with a key or your self-determined 5-digit number code. The protective, waterproof casing of the locks prevents other hazards such as rust or moisture. The keyholes of our locks are fitted with dust caps that also protect the locks from dust. The construction of the armoured link locks is similar to that of the cable locks and thus brings the same advantages. It is practical and can be attached to almost any storage facility. As you can see, armoured link locks are the ultimate in theft protection. Frame locks are either attached to the rear stay or to the bicycle frame using the so-called Pletscher plate. They serve as a quick and easy way to secure the b

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